“I have nothing to hide, I have no secrets!”

It is precisely this sentence that I often hear in my circle of acquaintances and sometimes in my working environment. However, this sentence contains the thesis that only state authorities, the judiciary and the police are interested in the data of companies and private users. However, this is not exactly true.


Of course the above mentioned institutions will be interested in company data and data of private users. However, other companies, blackmailers and other types of cybercriminals are also very interested in their personal data. Identity theft, misuse of computing power and malware are some of the more harmless things.

This is one of the reasons why we at Symlink have developed the product “2ndLock”. The fact is that we will provide a free Community Edition for private users and make our basic system completely OpenSource available.

For the Enterprise area we have added some useful features to our product.

No matter if social networks like Facebook, Messenger System like Whats App or Office Cloud applications – all these products have in common, an extreme spread in the B2B and B2C market. Many of these products have good encryption, but with a bitter aftertaste that doesn’t just leave a trust gap. Who can tell us exactly in which cloud system, country or data center our data is stored? Who can guarantee us, apart from great marketing slogans, that some data will not be diverted, that one or the other interface will not have had a security gap, that there will not be something in the small print, or that in the end an employee will be a bit too curious ?

We at Symlink fill this trust gap: With 2ndLock we bring a hybrid encryption process to all end devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, workstation, browser, etc.) and encrypt all data you want directly on your device. Then it doesn’t matter in which cloud, country or data center your data is stored. It doesn’t matter if you share your data via Whats App, Facebook or directly as a tweet with others. Only who you have designated as the recipient can read the data. Nobody else!

If you want to know more, you can find more information here or contact us directly.

Until then and remains suspicious.

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